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Client Testimonials

Aging Concepts is committed to providing exceptional 5-star geriatric care services to your aging loved one. Discover real-life stories from past clients, recounting their senior care management services with our compassionate professionals. 

Doing Jigsaw Puzzle

Empowering Confidence

"When issues arise with my dad, Mary Jo does a good job of communicating the issue and providing a range of potential options. She gives us confidence that things are in order. She is also great at working with other providers on my dad needs..."

Dignity in Care

"...Some of the things that impressed me the most about how she was cared for was that the staff got down on moms level and looked into her eyes when they were talking to her, they didn’t need alarms, which drove mom crazy with her hearing aids in the first facility, because she was now paid attention to, they knew when she needed help because they took the time to know her..."

Family Walking

Family Support

"...Mary Jo provided me with information and support in reaching out and getting help to come into our home to assist me with caring for my wife. As that burden became more and more difficult Mary Jo began guiding me to an understanding that there comes a point in time when family can no longer fully care for their loved one..."

We've Been There Too.

"...We spent 45 minutes on the phone with her and when the call was finished there wasn’t a doubt in our minds that we had found the right person to trust Mom’s well-being to. If you review Mary Jo’s background you will see her education, qualifications, expertise, and experience are obvious. But when you learn about her family history and listen to her passion or watch her as she interacts with people suffering from dementia you would be amazed, she is incredible!.."

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